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Our business concept

- Do you want to stand out from the crowd? -

Our product

Our Fun Plates are high-quality aluminium plates, stamped and printed in your Fun-Plate-Shop.

Your customers can choose between 109 different plate colors and 33 foil colors. Single color, glitter, neon and much more...

Due to this wide range, customers can create themselves a unique souvenir to take home.

Our service

The entire equipment for your Funplate shop (machines, furniture and tools) is provided by us. On request it can be individually adjusted to your design.

Your employees will get a thorough training by our professional personnel to ensure the safe handling of the machines and a high-quality production.

You can reach our service personnel 24/7 if questions or problems should arise.

Your advantage

Expense: The entire equipment, which is needed for your Funplate-Shop, is very space-saving and only one single employee is necessery for the plate-production.

Costs: Investment costs are low as machinery and furniture can be rented from us. You only have to buy the blank plates and accessories.

Profit: Because of the low material and staff expenses, the concept enables you to achieve a high profit.

Size of the furniture

Overview of colour options for your Fun-plates



Our press for printing the 3 offered fonts is easy to handle and very efficient.

Foiling machine

Our foiling machines are adjusted perfectly for laminating the plates. They are odorless, fast and ecofriendly.

Stamping tools

The robust and versatile fonts are available in 3 sizes and are adjustable on request.

Plate selection

Hot stamping foils

Selection of 33 colours - durable and weatherproof